Money Tree ThumbnailA true “do it yourself” guide that will help you build a successful and sustainable Gift Planning Program! 

 A $6 trillion wealth transfer is underway as the Baby Boom Generation explores how to make a difference through charitable giving. Is your organization ready to receive these six and seven figure immediate and planned gifts?

The Grow Legacy Gifts manual will help your Organization launch or reinvigorate your Planned Giving Program. This all-inclusive guide will provide the tools you need to: 

  • Educate and Energize your board — and get them to take action! 
  • Recruit and Train a powerful team of volunteers who will help you implement your Planned Giving Program so you don’t have to do it all yourself. 
  • Create a truly donor-centric marketing plan that will inspire and motivate your “Middle Class Millionaire” donors to make major and planned gifts. 
  • Develop a sustainable Two-Year Action Plan that will catapult your Planned Giving Program into long-term sustainability. 

The Grow Legacy Gifts manual will include:

  • Insightful “how to” information, instruction, research, training tools, and action plans to help you launch your Planned Giving program. 
  • Exclusive and customizable presentations, scripts, and sample invitations to help you create events your donors are eager to attend. 

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