It’s Time for a New Approach

Dollar Concept, Financial Adviser or Finance AdvisoryA $6 trillion wealth transfer is underway as the Baby Boom Generation explores how to make a difference through charitable giving. What are you doing to target them?

Just as the Boomers changed everything in their generation, they’ve changed the “rules” for fundraising. It’s a new day – and you need a new approach – for planned and major gifts. 

In many organizations, it’s challenging to get a gift planning discussion started because fundraisers generally focus on the organization’s needs – rather than your donors’ philanthropic goals. It’s not wrong to tell your story and make a case based on need. That’s how you raise money for operating budgets, programs, and facilities. But this organization-centric focus doesn’t offer a compelling case for donors who want to create a legacy and make an impact in the world through your organization.

That’s why a gift planning program – the important “third leg” of the fundraising stool – needs to be donor-focused, with donor-centric features and communications.

Let’s face it – we live in a scary world. People look around and can’t help feeling insecure about the present and uncertain about the future. Many of the people who could be your major donors are experiencing a lack of confidence about their own financial independence. They want to provide well for their families. And they have lost trust in corporations and business ventures of all kinds – both for-profit and non-profit.

Your donors lack confidence and clarity about their finances and their future. They want to do more that matters, but don’t know how or where to begin.

  • What are you doing to demonstrate that you understand and care about your donors’ individual realities?
  • What are you doing to help your donors articulate their dreams and passions?
  • What are you doing to help your donors see that your organization is doing work that matches their passion?
  • What tools and resources can you offer to help your donors dream more, plan better, and take action?

When your donors feel more in control and successful – because you’ve helped them discover a way to “live more and give more” – it also benefits you. 

This approach represents a new day in fundraising for major and planned gifts.

ActivateLegacy is a new program – unlike any other you may have tried. It leverages the expertise of your key volunteer leaders to provide a service that donors need and want. It differentiates your organization from the scores of other charities trying to get your donors’ attention. It helps you by helping them first. And it works.