Half-Day Strategy Workshop

Our half-day strategy workshop is designed to lay the foundation for your gift planning initiative with your Executive Board and development staff. In this highly interactive session, we will educate and inspire attendees about the value and benefits of a new approach to gift planning. Together, we will create a clear road map to guide your next steps. 

  • We will help your Board and staff leaders understand the need and rationale for a comprehensive approach to gift planning.
  • We discuss how your organization’s Strategic Plan can be incorporated into communications about gift planning.
  • We will explore the purpose and work of your Philanthropic Advisory Council (PAC) and encourage you to consider what role Board members or others might have on the Council.
  • We will generate ideas for engaging donor-centric communications and events.

The topics that are presented and discussed include:

  • Know the Facts about Gift Planning – Provides the compelling facts and insights about gift planning that every executive board and development team member should know.
  • What Really Matters? – Calls your Executive Board to “get all in” and challenges their assumptions about motivation and capacity through real life case studies.
  • Leveraging the Strategic Plan for Gift Planning – Outlines the rationale, process, and action steps needed to leverage your organization’s strategic plan and vision in support of your Gift Planning initiatives.
  • How to Build Your Philanthropic Advisory Council (PAC) – Details the process for recruiting the financial industry professionals within your organization and how to prepare them to serve donors as an effective Philanthropic Advisory Council.
  • Donor-Centric Marketing Ideas for Your Gift Planning Program – Provides you with both time-tested and new strategies for building your Gift Planning Program fast – without overwhelming you or your staff