Know the Facts About Gift Planning – and Share Them with Your Executive Board

According to a landmark study conducted by Boston College, over $6 trillion will be passed to charities over the next 30 years through bequests and other gift planning tools. Does your Executive Board know this? Is gift planning an integral part of your fundraising efforts? Do the loyal members of your donor base understand what you mean by the terms “gift planning” or “planned giving?”

Revealing facts:

  • Top reasons why people make a planned gift:
    • Charitable gift makes the world a better place. (66%)
    • Makes people feel good. (56%)
    • Can direct donation to specific causes. (45%)
    • Good way to pay less taxes (17%) = Dead last in survey!
  • 90% of all planned gifts are bequests – a gift left in a will or estate plan.
  • The value of the average bequest in the United States ranges from $35K-$70K; securing just 15 bequests could yield from $525,000 to over $1 Million.
  • A typical planned gift is roughly the equivalent to 400 annual gifts.
  • Some 30% to 40% of donors are strong bequest/planned giving prospects.
  • 43% of all planned givers make annual gifts of $500 or less.
  • 82% of all planned givers will keep their annual gifts at the same level or increase it.
    • 53% kept gift at the same level
    • 29% increased gift
  • Donors without children will leave a charitable gift in their wills 50% of time.
  • 78% of all donors have never been approached about making a planned gift.
  • 97% of all planned gifts are in the form of Bequests (90%), Charitable Gift Annuities, (5-6%) and Charitable Remainder Trusts (1-2%).