Celebrate the Win!

You’ve worked hard to secure new legacy gifts. You should celebrate the outstanding efforts of your staff and volunteer Philanthropic Advisory Council (PAC). It’s time to showcase your “early adopters” – the individuals and families you have helped discover their true financial capacity through planning strategies and tools that best support their personal philanthropic goals.

  • Your donors have achieved financial clarity and confidence.
  • Your organization has secured new legacy gifts.
  • Your PAC members have enjoyed meaningful participation in the process.
  • You have taken the first steps toward creating a sustainable gift planning culture within your organization.

Everyone wins – so celebrate!

These donors are your new “Legacy Ambassadors” and can serve as positive role models. They are the foundation for your organization’s new or revitalized legacy giving society. You can draw on their personal stories to inspire and encourage peer donors that “you don’t have to be Bill and Melinda Gates” to make a significant impact through charitable giving.