How to Create a Successful Gift Planning Culture

Nonprofit and charitable organizations need three kinds of donor support to be effective:

  • Annual Campaign giving
  • Major Gifts/Capital Campaign giving
  • Planned Giving/Endowment development

Like a three-legged stool, all three fundraising “legs” are necessary to provide stability for the organization.With all three sources of funding in place, an organization is protected against the inevitable ebbs and flows of fundraising and its future dreams can become realities. 

Organizations with small, non-specialized fundraising staff generally focus on annual campaigns – raising the critical dollars that sustain everyday operations.Some are able to undertake major gifts/capital campaigns from time to time. However, many organizations don’t have the resources to develop a gift planning culture and grow a stable endowment to draw upon when needed. 

ActivateLegacy provides a 7-step system and tools to help organizations initiate and cultivate a gift planning culture: Grow Legacy Gifts. You can choose to use some or all of these resources to increase the reach and success of your gift planning efforts. 

A $6 trillion wealth transfer is underway as the Baby Boom Generation explores how to make a difference through charitable giving. Are you ready to ask for these immediate and planned gifts?