Full-Day Strategy Retreat

The full-day Strategy Retreat is designed to inform and prepare you and the members of your Philanthropic Advisory Council (PAC) to work collaboratively to lead donor presentations and engage in meaningful philanthropy conversations.

  • We will help your PAC members understand the need and rationale for a comprehensive approach to gift planning.
  • We will define the purpose and work of your PAC and explore strategies to engage with donors.
  • We will model the signature donor presentation and discuss how it can be customized for your donors.
  • We will provide information on popular charitable planning vehicles and how to engage families with Donor Advised Funds.

Topics that are presented and discussed include:

  • Are You a Doctor or a Pharmacist? – Challenges your PAC members to “think different” about their role with donors and promotes an approach to planning that incorporates the concepts about life, legacy, and philanthropic giving that clients want to hear from their advisors.
  • Finding Your Middle-Class Millionaires – Helps you understand the mindset of the “Middle Class Millionaire;” identify them within your organization; and learn how to more effectively and strategically serve these valuable members of your donor base. 
  • Enhancing the Wealth of Your Life – Introduces the key life, legacy, and philanthropy concepts you want to communicate to your donors. The process motivates donors find welcome clarity and confidence about their finances and inspires to maximize the impact of their wealth through major and planned giving.
  • Planned Giving Doorways – Information and materials your PAC and executive team can use to understand and evaluate the most popular Gift Planning tools and strategies, and determine how to introduce and discuss them with your target donors.
  • Empowering Families with Donor Advised Funds – Explains the unprecedented impact on nonprofits (both positive and negative) of commercial Donor Advised Funds – an increasingly popular philanthropy tool used by today’s Middle Class Millionaires. Learn strategies and tactics that can help your organization receive more charitable gifts from these funds, while helping families derive maximum meaning from their generosity.
  • Creating Your Gift Planning Marketing Program – Provides time-tested strategies and tactics for building your Gift Planning Program and helps you create a detailed and customized Two-Year Gift Planning Strategy with action steps that are realistic and achievable.