Help Your Donors Do More That Matters

you can do more that matters

Ron Ware, principal and co-founder of ActivateLegacy and president of Wealth Impact Partners, has co-authored an innovative new book, You Can Do More that Matters, which focuses on charitable giving as an attainable and integral component of wealth management.

Ron and his co-author Greg Hammond are wealth impact strategists and personal legacy advisors who deeply believe in “living more and giving more.” For over 20 years, each of them has helped individuals, families, and business owners enhance their financial standing while discovering a greater capacity to provide for their loved ones and support cherished charities. Their similar views on the meaning of personal wealth and complementary approach to helping clients align their resources with their passion, drew them together to write You Can Do More That Matters.

The information, advice, and illustrations found in You Can Do More That Matters are drawn from their extensive wealth management experience. The result is a unique guide that both educates and inspires readers about how to achieve their own personal “more that matters.”

“Many people spend more time and care planning their vacations than they spend on their financial and estate planning,” explain Ron and Greg in chapter four of the book. “They pore over travel guides and find the best rates online, all in anticipation of a week or two in their future. Probably because of our human impulses, planning for short-term fun can trump long-term gain. With the future uncertain, risks to be managed, a retirement for which we fear we may not have saved enough, and worse yet, death and taxes, many of us understandably lack the requisite enthusiasm and courage to address this area of planning with commitment, energy, and urgency. If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there. To plot a course for a significant legacy, you first need a plan for yourself. Only then will you have the confidence and clarity to plan for others.”

You Can Do More That Matters helps readers understand why and how to create a practical and meaningful life and legacy plan that includes making a powerful impact on the charitable organizations and causes they care about most.

Nonprofits can use book as transformational tool

Nonprofit organizations and financial advisors face distinct challenges in today’s economic environment. Charitable, nonprofit, and faith-based organizations must change the way people perceive their ability to give – both their willingness and their sense of being financially capable to give more.

In the financial realm, of those that could and should, only about 20-25% of people take action on advanced tax and financial strategies. When planning is only about money, death, and taxes, it lacks the motivators necessary to move people to action.

In You Can Do More That Matters, nonprofits and advisors have found a transformational tool that helps them connect with and tangibly benefit their donors and clients.

For example, nonprofits can use the book to inspire donors in conjunction with annual fund, capital campaign, or legacy giving appeals. Advisors can use the book to prompt meaningful conversations on life and legacy with existing clients and to engage prospective clients. Advisors also can sponsor the book in support of a local nonprofit to demonstrate commitment to the community.

You Can Do More That Matters is available through and at The book can be purchased in bulk quantities at a special discount for nonprofit leaders and advisors who want to make it available as a resource to donors and clients. A logo and customized forward or book band also can be added.

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