We Understand You – and Know the Challenges

We know the pressure fundraisers face. Fundraisers at every level are under pressure to secure gifts that support the operating budget. Though you recognize the importance of planned gifts, your focus is necessarily on immediate needs rather than long-term sustainability.

We know that an uncertain economy makes fundraising more difficult. It’s become increasingly hard to raise funds from donors who support your organization but are worried about the future. If you could help your donors feel more confident about their capacity to “live more and give more,” you would do it.

We know that fundraising budgets are tighter than ever. You have fewer resources available to accomplish your fundraising goals. You’re looking for cost-effective strategies and solutions that will help you stretch your resources and reach your goals.

We know that fundraisers are motivated and successful. But we also know you think, despite the challenges, you could be doing more. And you have questions about how to incorporate gift planning into your fundraising efforts. That’s why we’re here – to help fundraisers create a successful, sustainable gift planning culture that will secure your organization’s future.

We know you need to grow legacy gifts.
How can we help you with that right now?