Can You Imagine?

 ActivateLegacy invites you to imagine the impact that a successful, sustainable gift planning initiative would make on your organization.

  • IMAGINE tens or hundreds of conversations with donors who are excited about their new-found capacity to support your organization beyond all expectations.
  • IMAGINE sponsoring informative, engaging events that donors are eager to promote and attend.
  • IMAGINE donors sharing their excitement about the organization’s future – and their part in it – with family, friends, and colleagues.
  • IMAGINE harnessing the expertise of the financial professionals who serve your organization in new ways that add value to your donors.
  • IMAGINE the excitement when you are notified about your organization’s first (or fifth!) $1Million planned gift.
  • IMAGINE creating a gift planning culture that would strengthen and sustain your organization’s mission and operations for generations to come.

This bright future is realistic and attainable. We know because we’ve helped make it happen for other organizations.

Grow Legacy Gifts is our process: seven essential and organic steps that will help you create a sustainable gift planning culture.