What We Believe

We’ve built ActivateLegacy around three principles we know to be true.

First – Many affluent people (in particular the “middle class millionaire”) would like to do more for their favorite charities. But they are afraid they don’t have enough money saved for retirement and other family needs.

Second – When these folks are guided through a thoughtful life and legacy planning process, they begin to think differently about their wealth. They gain confidence and clarity about their resources and their future – and become free to live more and give more.

Third – Every nonprofit has financial professionals already serving in volunteer leadership roles. When organized into a Philanthropic Advisory Council, these committed leaders can empower people to dream more, plan better, and take action. This approach to wealth management inspires and motivates people – and will often result in significant major and planned gifts for cherished organizations and causes.

We believe that nonprofits and charities are doing incredibly important work in the world. We want these organizations to flourish and succeed. We recognize that raising funds for current operations is, or course, essential. But we also know that securing major, endowment, and bequest gifts that stabilize and ensure an organization’s future is equally important.

We have more than 20 years experience in the fundraising and wealth management sectors. Through ActivateLegacy, we provide the ideas and educational resources to help nonprofits create an engaging and sustainable gift planning culture – one that will secure their mission and work for generations to come.